A Note from the Artist

Greetings! Thank you for visiting my website. Dr. Carver has long been an inspiration to me and I hope the information contained in these pages show you why.

Growing up, I learned what I suppose many of us learn about Dr. Carver when we are young: that he was a smart man who taught at the Tuskegee Institute with Booker T. Washington and that he did a lot of work with peanuts. The more I researched and learned about Dr. Carver, the more I began to feel that people should know his whole story. Thus I began writing a play about his life and times.

Since I began presenting the play to schools, churches, and at conferences, I have found Dr. Carver’s story to be more real and more applicable to the lives of many in the world today than any Horatio Alger protagonist. George Washington Carver overcame many obstacles that even today, seem unfathomable. That he was able to keep going on, and thrive, is a testament not only to Dr. Carver, but also to the many kind and thoughtful individuals he met along his journey.

Individuals such as a washer-woman named Mariah Watkins and her husband, an odd-jobs man named Andrew, an art teacher named Etta Budd, and a professor named Louis Pammell had no idea the genius with whom they were interacting. They had no idea what he would become, but they knew he had worth, and could do great good if only given a chance. They only saw a courteous young man who had a thirst for knowledge, and a will to meet any challenge with a warm smile.

In essence, this play is as just as much about Dr. Carver and these individuals, as it is about all of us. We can all have the determination to succeed that Dr. Carver had, and we can all be the kind of people who helped Dr. Carver along the way.

While I recognize that “Listening to the Still Small Voice: The Story of George Washington Carver” is a play, and as such is entertainment, I believe it is also educational and prescriptive. It is my hope that this effort fulfills the true purpose of art, as defined by Activist/Entertainer/Humanitarian Harry Belafonte today, and by Paul Robeson before him.

If you have any questions or comments that you would like to share with me about the play, about Dr. Carver, whatever, please email me. Once again, thank you for taking the time to visit my website.


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