Technical Requirements

Stage Space (Click here for Floor Plan)

A stage, stage apron, or platform of at least 20 x 15 ft. is needed for this production. Visibility is of the utmost importance. It should also be noted that Mr. Williams likes to be as close as possible to the audience.


The play’s performance typically needs the following staging material to be available*:
  • Desk or desk-like table
  • Chair for desk
  • Older microscope (if not available, please advise Mr. Williams)
  • Telephone (older dial type, if available)
  • Lectern (for a speaker)
  • Large United States of America Flag on pole with standard
  • Mobile black board (if available)
  • Stool (if available)
  • Second chair or stool
  • 3 pots with flowering plants
  • 4 large pots with large leafy plants
  • Loud-speaking system that allows actor to move freely around stage
  • Third older chair or rocking chair (if available)
  • *The play has also been performed using only a lectern and a chair.

    Set-up and Strike Time

    Depending on the props utilized, set-up takes anywhere from 10 minutes to one-half hour for two individuals. Please see diagrams for appropriate stage design.


    The show can be performed with no theatrical lighting if the entire area is well-lit. That said, minor theatrical lighting would be helpful. Suggested lighting: a blue spotlight for when Mr. Williams sits in the (wooden) chair near the plants, and a warm yellow spotlight for when Mr. Williams stands behind the podium addressing Congress.


    A cordless microphone is required. It should be made available to Mr. Williams two hours prior to performance during the sound check and then placed in the green room. There is no music during the show. If the presenter would like pre-show music, Mr. Williams has found the following types appropriate: classical, period light jazz, uplifting hymns or gospel. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Mr. Williams.

    Two Hours Before Show

    The performance room must be made available to Mr. Williams or his representative two hours before show start time. All props should be on stage at this time and in the approximate set-up. One or two individuals should be available to help with any prop changes. The cordless microphone should be available for the sound check. If any lighting is to be done during the performance, cues will be discussed at this time.


    Lighting technician (optional)
    Set-Up and Take-Down (1 or 2 individuals)

    Additional Notes:

    An individual will be required to provide a brief introduction of Dr. Carver. Mr. Williams will provide a typical intro and would like to meet with the person performing the introduction before the performance.

    A glass of water should be on the podium.

    Mr. Williams provides door prizes (at no additional cost) to be raffled following the performance. The presenter should provide, and provide for, the dispensation of the raffle tickets.

    Mr. Williams is available to meet anyone who requests to do so, following his performance. If in a separate room, it is recommended that guests be gathered prior to Mr. Williams’ arrival so that he can gauge how much time he is able to spend with each individual or group.

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